China is looking increasingly desperate

Paper was first invented in China. So was paper money, and thus runaway inflation. It is interesting to see China return to its historical roots this week with the significant devaluation of its currency, the renminbi.  

China’s actions make it look desperate. The Chinese economy is slowing down, perhaps more rapidly than the communist party in China would like. They have tried spurring stock market growth, and then propping up the stock market to prevent it from falling. Now, they are devaluing the currency to try to get the economy jump-started.

Real economic growth comes from productivity, not from printing currency, redistributing wealth, spurring stock market speculation, or punishing those profiting from stocks falling. All of China’s, or Europe’s, or America’s, or Japan’s attempts to get growth from someplace other than productivity (which isn’t in the government’s wheelhouse) are doomed to failure.

Devaluing the renminbi is an attempt to make Chinese goods cheaper for foreigners to buy. That “works” as long as no other country decides to devalue their currency, too. And, it assumes that market participants are too stupid to adjust prices based on currency manipulation, which history and academic research has been shown not to be the case.

It should come as little surprise that communist dictators misunderstand how a free market works. China is running the risk of not only disrupting the world economy with its actions, but also definitely proving to Chinese people that they don’t know what they are doing. The risks and the results are real, and will be felt worldwide.

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China is looking increasingly desperate