Looking for information about picking a financial planner or investment advisor?

I’d like to recommend a good web resource for those seeking information about picking a financial planner or investment advisor: Paladin Registry.

Paladin is an information services company that provides resources and referrals for individual and institutional investors. They provide both articles and seminars for free. They also provide, for free, referrals to high quality financial professionals and firms. If you are looking for help picking an advisor or planner, this is a great place to start.

The reason why is Paladin clearly understands how most investors can get hoodwinked by salespeople who call themselves professionals. The purpose of forming Paladin was to link investors with professionals in the field who are compensated by fees instead of being compensated for selling products.

Watch one of their seminars or read one of their articles and you’ll see what I’m talking about. They are trying to inform investors about what to look for in advisors and planners. And, they’re not pulling punches in describing the way the financial services field operates. You really can get some great information and guidance on how to pick a professional who can help you.

If you do use their service to locate a professional, they don’t link you to just one professional. Instead, they generally provide 3 contacts who can help you. That way, you have alternatives to choose among.

Some full disclosure is in order here. I belong to the Paladin Registry, which means I pay to be a member and they refer qualified investors to me (as well as two other advisors). 90% of the advisors and planners who apply to the registry are turned away because they don’t meet Paladin’s high standards. I prefer to be in such good company, and gladly pay to be a member of this elite organization.

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