Big bad banks?

Just a quick note: the U.S. Federal Reserve made $78.9 billion in 2011, second only to its 2010 record haul of $81.7 billion.

Feeling curious, I decided to look up how much money the U.S. big four banks made in their peak years.  Combining their best, Bank of America (2006), Citigroup (2006), JPMorgan (2007) and Wells Fargo (2010) had combined peak earnings of only $70.1 billion (full disclosure: my clients and I own shares of Wells Fargo).

In other words, the banks that are supposedly the cause of all our earthly problems didn’t together, looking at their peak earning years(!), match what the Federal Reserve made by itself in either of the last two years.

The bozos of Occupy Wall Street and everyone else who believes all our problems are due to the greedy, too powerful big banks need a reality check.

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Big bad banks?