One of the best ways to find investment ideas

Over the years, I’ve found that one of the best ways to find great new investment ideas is to look at what other great managers, with excellent long term records, are buying.

Every manager with over $100 million under management has to file something called a form 13f with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) at least 45 days after the close of the quarter. Every mid February, May, August and October you can find out what the portfolios of the best money managers in the country look like. In fact, by comparing their most recent 13f to the previous quarter’s 13f, you can figure out exactly what they are buying, selling and holding.

This provides a great tool for generating additional investment ideas to look in to. And, these filers even include hedge funds managers, so if you know who they are, you can see what they’ve done with their portfolios every quarter, too.

I’ve worked pretty hard to generate my list of managers that I look at every quarter, so I’m not willing to share it. But, I can tell you that researching managers with great long term track records is a great place to start.

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