Why I love the 4th of July

I believe the 4th of July is the most meaningful holiday we have in the United States.

It celebrates not when we defeated the British. It celebrates not when we signed our Articles of Confederation nor our great Constitution. It celebrates not the Boston Tea Party nor the Battle of Lexington.

In other words, the 4th of July does not celebrate the means by which we became independent nor the specific manner by which we decided to govern ourselves, but the principle behind our new government.

You see, the principles are much more important than the means or the manner. Principles are a necessary precursor.

And, that is what we celebrate each July 4th. We celebrate our separation from a tyrannical government through our declaration that a proper government is not tyrannical. The founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson in particular, put into words the proper form of government and our justified reasons for desiring separation.

There may be fireworks, hot dogs, burgers and beer at most people’s celebration, but the real reason for this holiday is the principle that we have the right to form our own government, and that our government exists solely to allow individuals to pursue their life, liberty and happiness.

And I think the celebration of profoundly important principles makes the 4th of July a truly unique and wonderful holiday.

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