The triumph of hope over experience

The Fed bailed out Bear Stearns and now everything is okay. Right? RIGHT???


The Fed bailed out Bear Stearns in a forced marriage to J.P. Morgan because they feared (and still fear) a collapse of our financial system. That isn’t good news.

The Fed cut interest rates another 75 basis points, down to 2.25%, because it’s trying to re-ignite economic growth. They are more worried about growth than inflation despite surging commodity prices and a tanking US dollar.

Economic reports this week showed worse employment data, worse leading economic indicators, worse business outlook, worse housing starts, worse producer price inflation, worse capacity utilization, worse industrial production, and worse forecast auto sales.

So why did the market rally this week?

The triumph of hope over experience.

The stock market is simply not reflecting economic reality or previous experience with economic slowdowns. Those who believe we’ll ride this out without an even 20% decline in the major indexes need to prepare themselves for a bumpy ride.

I’m not moving into a fallout shelter, but I’m also not ignoring a long and vivid stock market history, either. I’m ready for a rough couple of years that will, eventually, be followed by another economic and stock market boom.

This is not the time to think the Fed and Treasury can solve all economic problems (have they ever really succeeded in the past?). This is not a time to expect a mid-cycle slowdown or light stock market downturn. This is the time to prepare for tough sledding.

I’m ready for a downturn, and I’m finding good things to buy. But, I’m not expecting this to be a pleasant or smooth ride!

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