2007 Year in Review

2007 was a very satisfactory year for me.

I generated significant market out-performance, and that came mostly by avoiding the things that did badly this year.

After waiting since 2004, this was finally the year when the mortgage bankers, mortgage insurers, bond insurers and other financial institutions reaped the consequences of their poor business practices. Although I did not short these investments, I was able to generate significant out-performance simply by avoiding the group.

Unfortunately, several of the Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) I invested in were also taken to the woodshed this year. In each case, I think the REITs I’ve chosen are the babies getting thrown out with the bathwater, and will almost certainly be market out-performers in the years to come.

I look forward eagerly to 2008 and beyond, when I think my out-performance will be generated not just by avoiding bad investments, but also because I’ve chosen great investments.

I believe 2008 will be another volatile year, as uncertainty about the economy and slowing corporate profits will lead to significant market moves both up and down. It should be a good year to be a bottom-up stock picker.

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